lartvivra asked:

Do you have any advice on getting over a break up? cheers

grumpyface answered:

Go have as much as possible, have a lot of fun, hang out with all your friends, accept invites to everything and have a blast living life. Spend a good amount of time enjoying all this by yourself, make out with strangers, flirt, travel, change your wardrobe, hit the gym, pick up new hobbies, nap a lot, hog the whole bed, breathe in and out realizing how wonderful life is and what a bad ass human being you are and how lucky you are for having an able body and the freedom to do as you please. Do silly dumb harmless stuff, take lots of pictures, enjoy alone time by yourself and bask in the tranquility of being by yourself and after a while you’ll realize you’ve been having so much fun and emanating so much happy energy that you’ll have so many people wanting to be around you and to be part of the happiness that you yourself will be incredibly selective about who you let it again. Don’t go dating right away for the sake of dating or using people to get over someone. Spend time by yourself and your friends and take each day as it comes. Because you’re a bad ass and you’re fun and happy and your life isn’t gonna stop because of one stupid break up. It may have been the first, maybe it wasn’t, it definitely may not be the last but if it is then at least you’ll have spent your life living and loving instead of replaying in your head over and over and over what happened till it drove you into anxiety and depression.

Don’t stop doing things cause your ex is gonna be around either, show up. Have fun genuinely and don’t hate them either, don’t hold any negative feeling towards them as a matter of fact, you may find yourself being good friends down the line. If you don’t, then at least you’ll be a classy for fella that treated the breakup in a classy manner, didn’t spread info or gossip about your ex and didn’t try to make him look bad to people or make people choose between either you or them.

Break ups suck for everyone. But it all ultimately depends on how you choose to handle the aftermath. It’ll hurt, it’ll scar depending on how intense it was it may very well have traumatized you. But don’t let it become the end all be all of your life. One day this pain will become a source of strength to you and you’ll have the full confidence that you’re a bad ass and ready for you next adventure and it may pop right in front of yourself when you weren’t even looking for it because you were so busy enjoying life having a blast by yourself.

*I’m no relationship expert, in fact I suck at relationships and advice people never to ask me any relationship advice. But I’ve had my heart broken plenty and this is the best info I can come up with. It’s easier said than done but you can do it.